Who Can Develop An Addiction?

Most of us do engage in alcohol, drugs or some sort of substance abuse. But, only a few of us eventually become addicted. This is the situation everywhere regardless of the economic status, ethnicity, race, gender or age. It is only natural to ask, what really does develop into an addiction then? Who is at risk?

Like in other diseases, there are specific factors that increase your risk of addiction. Here’s a quick list of the same.


Yup, genes play a major role here too. Your genes dictate your brain characteristics and this can make you less vulnerable to addiction or more vulnerable than an average individual.

Psychological Factors

How well do you respond to stress? Are you impulsive or easily depressed? Does anxiety grasp you quickly? Such factors too put you at a greater risk for addiction.

Environmental Factors

How exposed are you to influences in your environment? Is your peer circle composed of addicts? Does substance abuse run in a few of your family members? Were you ever exposed to emotional trauma, sexual or physical abuse in the past?

Starting Early

Did you begin substance abuse early as a teenager? Nicotine addiction starts early as a teenager and hence lingers for the rest of one’s life!

These are some of the factors that can affect the chances of an individual getting addicted to something. However, they are not all set in stone.

Nevertheless, it is well worth remembering that just about anyone can get addicted. Take for instance certain drugs such as heroin, nicotine that are highly addictive. Those who come to rely on them on a regular basis will become addicted 100%. The chances of addiction for those who just try it a few times too remains high!

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