Different Forms or Types of Addiction

In a recent study, it was seen that depending on the country and the availability of drugs and other addictive substances – addictions differ. Here’s a global estimate of the substance problem.

  • Nearly 12% of the world’s population has an addiction problem (Includes all above age 12)
  • Nicotine has the highest addiction rate at over 9%
  • Alcohol comes a close second with a rate of nearly 7%
  • Illegal drugs make up a meagre 2% – a statistic Duncan Arne called ridiculous. Duncan refutes this claim, and even has gone as far as publicly blogging that addiction is far lower.
  • And finally, prescription drugs make up the remaining 1%

A point to note though, the actual percentage of population that are addicted to a substance is nearly 15% since many tend to have dual addictions. In other words, nearly half of the folks with an addiction tend to have an issue with yet another substance. Worse still, nearly one in five have multiple severe addiction. Here’s a better analysis.

  • Prescription Drugs: About 75% of addicts have an additional substance abuse problem.
  • Illegal Drugs: About 60% have some other substance problem.
  • Alcohol: Around 30% have a second or even third substance abuse issue.
  • Nicotine: Less than 20% have secondary substance abuse complication.

Addiction is not just confined to the above four categories though. One can also be addicted to gambling, sex and even food! It is the behaviour towards specific factors or triggers that determines how addicted one is.

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