Misconceptions on Addiction

Some say that will power is enough to leave any addiction. Other’s do not believe that addiction is even a condition, let alone a disease. Here are the top three misconceptions on Addiction.

Will Power Is All You Need!

Yes, one gets involved with substance abuse out of his or her own free will or conscious choice. However, after substance abuse, it no longer is the conscious choice of the individual to leave. This is because the brain chemistry has been altered and it takes more than just willpower to overcome chemical imbalance in the body.

Addiction Is No Excuse For One’s Actions!

No, those who suffer from addiction should not be blamed for their disease. We only make a choice to try a substance but we aren’t responsible for how our body and brain respond to the alcohol and drugs. This is why, those with addiction fail to control their use while yet many others can easily do so. However, it is true that those with addiction can stop using but it is only harder for them compared to others.

Those with addiction first must acknowledge that they have a problem and then seek treatment. They will need the help of their friends, peers, family and others to get through a successful recovery.

Addiction Is Not A Disease!

Again, the first time someone uses a substance, it is out of freewill. By the nth time it no longer is free will. Behavioural changes, chemical imbalances all push the individual to continue with substance abuse. If this is not a disease then what is? We do not choose heart disease or diabetes do we? It happens to us due to several factors such as genetics, environmental and our habits too! Same goes for addiction.

Yes, those with mild addictions often manage to treat themselves but those with more aggressive addictions will need help and lifelong management of their disease.

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